Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions for Waliin Media Platform

         We welcome our valuable users to our Waliin Network. Here we are going to write down our terms and conditions for using our Waliin Mobile & Web App, which you can access through your mobile phones from the Google Android Store and Apple Store, and it can also be accessed on the web or browser using any devices such as laptops or  PCs, tablets, and cell phones. So, when you download this app on your mobile, or when you sign up for Waliin App, you will be bound to abide by these terms and conditions. In other terms, it is a user agreement of  Bayise Social with its app users. It is strongly advised to all our users that please carefully read these terms and conditions before continuing so that any future conflicts can be avoided, and if you do not agree with even a single clause mentioned in these terms and conditions, then don’t install this app, or do not sign up the account, because, without complete agreement to these terms of use, one should not continue with this Mobile & Web App.

So, here are some of the important clauses to be kept in mind for the users, before using this Mobile & Web App:

  •    Waliin reserves the right to modify, change, add, delete, or edit these terms and conditions at any given time without serving any prior notice to its users and users will have to abide by these recent changes and modifications

  •  The terms of service will be changed without giving any notice to app users, and users will have to abide by those new rules or changes once they are uploaded in the section of terms of conditions. So, it is advised to users that they must check terms and conditions from time to time for any changes, additions, or deletions in the current policy

  • The Company will notify all users regarding any major changes, modifications, or additions made to terms and conditions so that everyone can read it as early as possible, and avoid any kind of conflicts

  •  The content of this Mob App and any kind of trademarks, copyrights, as well as trade names, will be deemed as protected intellectual property of the Waliin Company, and intellectual property rights will be protected as per U.S government laws and International laws.

  •  The user must submit to this clause that he/she will not claim any rights to this app or its content by any means. The users must come up with the knowledge as well as understanding that they completely understand the rights held by Waliin.

  • The license given to users for using this app and its relevant services is only for legal and lawful purposes. They cannot use it for any illegal and unlawful purpose, e.g. in this social media platform, anyone must not post any pornography videos to make the platform a safe environment.

  • Users must not disrupt, interfere, or make an attempt to disrupt the operations of the Mob App and Web App.

  • You must not come up with any material on this Mob App, that may transmit any internet viruses, Trojan horses, worms, software viruses, hardware viruses, spyware, malware, or any adware, that may infect the app and its data, and app may become unsafe for its users to use.

  •   It is important for users to know that certain sections of the app will be used only by the users, who will sign up on the app and register their accounts by confirming certain details. So, certain features and sections of this app will only be accessed by registered users, and guest users will not be able to access those features.

  • he users must agree to provide valid, legal as well as correct personal information while registering their accounts, as any fake information is not allowed by the Waliin platform in any given circumstances.

  • Waliin reserves all the rights and authority to terminate, cancel,  or suspend your account with the Waliin App without any prior notice, and all rights are reserved by Waliin to finish the suspension of accounts. The users cannot dictate Waliin for this, and they are only allowed to contact support for further information and procedures if their account is suspended or even terminated

  • The users are responsible for protecting their account information and passwords, and they must ensure that they will not disclose their passwords to any unauthorized person or third-party

  • The users are not allowed to sell any registered account or even purchase any registered account on the Waliin platform, and trading of accounts is strongly prohibited, and if Waliin finds any such activity, the company has the right to take any legal action against the registered users.

  • The users are not allowed to use any content, design, or exclusive feature of Waliin for any commercial purposes regarding their use, or even for the use of any third parties involved in marketing and commercial aspects

  •     The users will not be engaged in any content or activity, which:

(i) Violates, misappropriates, or infringes a copyright material, or any patent, moral rights or intellectual property or trademark of any third party or Waliin itself

(ii) Encourages or violates any conduct in a certain manner, which would violate the regulation or applicable law of the United States and any other international laws where it is being conducted

(iii) Is deceptive, misleading, false, unlawful, as well as fraudulent

(iv) Is offensive, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, as well as defamatory

(v) Which encourages or promotes hatred, bigotry, discrimination, racism, harm as well as harassment

(vi) Which promotes any kind of violence, threat, or risk for an individual as well as an entity

  •  The users are not allowed to access non-public and restricted areas of Waliin App for any purposes.

  • The users cannot misrepresent Waliin or its services, and they cannot claim to be representing the platform without any proper contract or written agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Waliin Social Media!

         The following terms and conditions will govern your usage and conduct on our Bayise social media platform. If any specific terms of use will be needed, then those will be mentioned in a separate section, but these are general terms of use covering all areas of our Walin Social Media Platform. So, here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Our services are here to provide you with an ultimate great user experience by using relevant data and information

  • We help you to connect with people across the globe by suggesting groups, people, etc as well as help you in finding your friends on Waliin.

  •  We are here to develop a Waliin Community, which is friendly, happy, and un-harmful to this world. So, we employ different tactics, security measures, and technologies to ensure a secure, safe, and harm-free Waliin community, that believes in conduct, that is socially friendly and acceptable to everyone

  • The users are required to provide accurate information regarding their details, and one person can only operate one Waliin Social account

  • The users are responsible for keeping their passwords safe from any threat and don’t share their passwords with anyone.

  • The people under the age of 12 are not allowed to make their accounts and profiles on Waliin Social Media Platform, and if you have been convicted of any crime such as sex offensive crime, then you cannot register an account on Waliin Social Media App.

  • If Waliin has previously terminated your account for violating any rules and community guidelines, then you are not allowed to sign up again with Bayise Social unless the termination is temporary.

  •    The users cannot share information or data, which violates our community guidelines as well as terms and policy of use,  in their posts

  •  The content is prohibited from being shared if it is fraudulent, discriminatory, misleading as well as unlawful.

  • The content, that violates or even infringes the rights of others, or content, which is illegal to be shared in public places, cannot be shared on Waliin.

  •     The users cannot upload content, that comes with any kind of spam, viruses, or illegal activity.

  •   The violent content, as well as content spreading hatred and chaos in society, is also not allowed to be shared at Waliin Social Media.

  •  If someone shares prohibited content on Waliin, then the account may be suspended for some time, or it may be terminated permanently.

  • Waliin needs your permission to use your account information such as your age, profile picture, gender, name, profession, relationship status, location, religion, origin, etc so that we can enhance your user experience in so many ways.

  • We review our terms and conditions constantly and make changes and modifications, which are required from time to time. Once changes are made, we will notify you about the changes, and you can review them and give your feedback regarding them. We strongly consider your valuable feedback in this regard

  • The users are required to follow community guidelines, advertising policies, as well as commercial terms to comply with our terms and conditions. 

Terms of Use

By getting to and utilizing Waliin, you consent to follow these Terms. On the off chance that you are utilizing Waliin for the benefit of an organization or other legitimate substance, at that point "you" additionally means such organization or lawful element and you consent to be bound by these Terms regardless of whether we have a different concurrence with you. You may not utilize Waliin if you don't consent to the adaptation of the Terms posted on Waliin at the time you get to Waliin.

  • To access or utilize Waliin, you should be in any event 13 years old or, if more seasoned, the time-dominant part in your ward, else you may not utilize Waliin. To make a Waliin Social Media account, you need a legitimate email address.

  • Content from different clients, sponsors, and other outsiders is made accessible to you through Waliin. Substance implies any work of creation or data, including pay rates, organization surveys, talk with audits, organization photographs, logos, business reactions, work promotions, manager profile data, commercials, remarks, suppositions, postings, resumes, messages, content, documents, pictures, photographs, works of initiation, email, information or different materials you find on Waliin.

  • You may not allow an outsider to, move or offer any Ad Data to, or use Ad Data regarding, any advertisement organized, promotion trade, information representative, or another gathering not following up for you and your crusades. You may utilize data given legitimately to you from clients on the off chance that you give clear notice to and acquire assent from those clients and conform to every pertinent law and industry rule, including those relevant to information security.

  •   Waliin contains contents given by us and our licensors. We and our licensors (counting different clients) claim and hold all exclusive (counting all protected innovation) rights in the content we each give and Waliin possesses and holds all property rights in Waliin. If you are a client, we, therefore, allow you a restricted, revocable, non-sub licensable permit under the protected innovation rights licensable by us to download, view, duplicate, and print contents from Waliin exclusively for your utilization regarding utilizing Waliin.

  • We may overhaul these Terms now and again by posting a refreshed form on Waliin. The reexamined Terms will be taking effect right now for unregistered clients and clients enlisting accounts on or after the modification date.

  • These Terms stay basically while you use Waliin and, for enrolled clients, as long as your record stays open. You may erase your record whenever. We may suspend or end your record or your entrance to parts of Waliin, for any or no reason, without notice to you. We will have no obligation at all to you for any end of your record or related erasure of your data.

  • The Terms, and any rights or commitments here under, are not assignable, transferable, or sub-licensable by you aside from with Waliin earlier composed assent, yet might be doled out or moved by us without confinement. Any endeavored task by you will abuse these Terms and be void.